About the Post 16 Centre

“The only way to predict your future is to create it.”

This quote encompasses what we are all about at Outwood Post 16 Centre. The purpose of post 16 education is to provide students with the knowledge, support and life skills needed to achieve their post 18 aspirations. Post 16 is where students formulate their life-long ambitions and therefore the teaching and learning, personalised support and experiences we offer students are first class and ensures no student is left behind.

The Outwood Post 16 Centre builds on the great work of the Outwood Academies in Worksop to provide first class A level education. Courses are delivered by many of the same outstanding teachers who teach at Outwood Academy Portland and Outwood Academy Valley and also include specialist post 16 teachers to provide students with a unique mix that generates the very best experience. Outwood’s amazingly successful teaching styles continue to expand so students at the Post 16 Centre receive even greater levels of challenge and development, while continuing to build on their collaboration skills, leadership styles and higher order communication techniques that we have embedded at GCSE.

If you are new to Outwood, you have no need to worry; our supportive, inclusive classrooms mean you will be coached at every level and quickly find out why our students feel learning is one of the most interactive and rewarding experiences. Not only are our students recognised as some of the highest performing in the country, but all of our staff believe in our philosophy of “Students First” and reflect this in everything they do.

Dr. Smith, Executive Principal.

Janette Shea, P16 Centre Principal.