Business Studies

Exam Board Edexcel

Why Should I Study This Course?

There can be few subjects that are as useful to a student in their general life or has the variety of topics that Business Studies offers. Students will study everything from management styles to personal finance and from how to set up your own business to international trade with China! In addition to hopefully gaining a qualification that helps the student get in to university, what they learn will certainly be both practical and beneficial in life!

What Kind of Student is This Suitable For?

We welcome students who have studied Business before and those to whom it will be a new subject; it can be quite refreshing to study a completely new subject at A Level. All the theoretical topics that we cover will be related to real businesses and real business situations. With the course covering a broad range of topics it should prepare students for starting up their own business or going into management positions in a larger businesses. They will also have a thorough understanding of personal finances and how international trade operates round the world.
Business has a very wide appeal and can be suitable to a wide range of students!

Course Breakdown

Theme 2
Business plan
Cash flow
Profit and loss
Balance sheet
Capacity utilisation
Just in time
Total quality management
Interest rates
Exchange rates
Business cycle
Consumer law

Theme 1
The market
Market research
Market mapping
Pricing strategies
Management techniques
Motivational techniques
How to set up a business
Demand and supply
Income and price elasticities

Theme 3
Business objectives and strategy
Business growth
Decision making techniques
Influences on business decisions
Assessing competitiveness
Managing change

Theme 4
International trade – China, India, USA
Trading Blocs – EU, NAFTA
Global marketing
Global niche markets
Cultural influences

How is the Course Examined?

Three A2 exams covering all 4 themes

Business Studies Teaching Staff

This course is delivered by:
Mr P Jones
Ms K Hamshaw
Mr C Sutton