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Why Should I Study This Course?

Studying A level Chemistry will be challenging, fascinating and very hard work.

You will develop essential knowledge and understanding of the Periodic table, chemical concepts and trends and patterns in data. There will be an opportunity to develop an understanding of advances in modern methods of analysis and also to solve problems related to solids, gases and solutions.

What Kind of Student is This Suitable For?

You will find this course challenging and enjoyable if you want to know more about the structure, properties and reactions of chemicals that make up the living and physical world around us and if you are excited by abstract concepts such as atoms and their interactions.

Key Features of the Course

There are four units that explore and develop the key areas of atomic structure:-

  • Organic chemistry, which is the chemistry of carbon and hydrogen based compounds
  • Physical chemistry, which is the study of atomic and molecular interactions
  • Inorganic chemistry, which is the behaviour and study of all compounds not based on C-H bonds.
  • There is also practical assessments of skills developed during the course.

Course Breakdown

Paper 1
Topics covered in Paper 1 include:
• Physical chemistry
• Inorganic chemistry
• Practical skills
35% of A level.

Paper 2
Topics covered in Paper 2 include:-
• Physical chemistry
• Inorganic chemistry
• Practical skills
35% of A Level.

Paper 3
Any content – 30% of A Level

How is the Course Assessed?

All modules are assessed by written examination in the summer at the end of the second year for students to achieve the full A Level.

Where Can it Take Me?

Chemistry can usefully be combined with a number of subjects: for example physics, maths, biology and geography. It can also be a useful AS for students who want to broaden their combination of non-science subjects.

A level Chemistry could lead to a degree in Forensics, Medicine, Physiology, Pharmacy, Veterinary Science, Food Technology, Biochemistry, Materials Science, Pharamcology and Genetics. There are also many vocational courses based on chemistry related subjects and A Level Chemistry is also a useful qualification for careers in the food, textiles and materials industries.

Chemistry Teaching Staff

This course is delivered by:
Mr S Sones
Mr W Baines