English Language

Exam Board AQA

Why Should I Study This Course?

You should study this course if you enjoy exploring the creative aspects of our mother tongue, such as:
• Exploring hidden meanings in a wide variety of written and spoken texts
• How the media can influence the way we act and think through subtle manipulation of language
• How accent, dialect, gender identity is represented in society in spoken and written media
• How occupational language can display power
• How texts are constructed, who they are constructed for and why
• How and language continues to evolve over time
• How children learn to speak, read, write and spell

Course Breakdown

Paper 1: Language and the Individual:
• Analyse two individual texts separately and then compare and contrast them

Paper 2: Language Varieties:

• A discursive essay exploring how gender, job, accent, dialect, sexual identity, and ethnicity influences our language

• Produce a language-based opinion article

Coursework: a language investigation into any aspect of the English Language of your choice

Exam: Diversity and Change:

• two and a half hours
• How children acquire language and literacy
• How language changes over time
• Elements from the AS content, such as gender, dialect and occupation

What Kind of Student is This Suitable For?

The creatively minded, with enthusiasm for the beauty and complexity of the English Language, who enjoy creative thinking and pushing their own boundaries. You must be enthusiastic, prepared to really explore an idea or concept and be able to work with determination and perseverance. You will have timetabled lessons and will also be encouraged to come and use the space in your study and free periods, an equal amount of time is expected to be spent on your studies out of lessons as in lessons.

English Language Teaching Staff

This course is delivered by:
Mrs A Oldroyd