English Literature

Exam Board AQA

Why Should I Study This Course?

You should study this course if you:
•Enjoy reading generally, and are interested in exploring the worlds of modern novels, Shakespeare and twentieth century poetry
•Would like to enhance your analytical reading and writing skills, which will also benefit other Humanities subjects, such as History
•Are interested in researching the social, historical and cultural times in which our set texts were originally created, how the original audience received them and how we as a twenty-first century audience receive them too.
•Like the idea that the study of English Literature encompasses aspects of history, psychology, mythology, religion, politics, philosophy, sociology

What Kind of Student is This Suitable For?

Creatively minded individuals with a genuine love of reading and the written word; who are motivated to think creatively whilst pushing their own boundaries. You must be enthusiastic, prepared to really explore an idea or concept and be able to work with determination and perseverance. You will have timetabled lessons and will also be encouraged to come and use the space in your study and free periods, an equal amount of time is expected to be spent on your studies out of lessons as in lessons.

Course Breakdown

Paper 1 – Aspects of Comedy (I hour 30 minutes)
• Drama texts: Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest

Paper 2 – Aspects of Comedy (1hour 30 minutes)
• Poetry text: John Betjeman: Collected Poems
• Prose text: Small Island, Andrea Levy

Non-Examined Assessment (coursework)

• Literary critical analysis of texts of your own choosing, resulting in two extended essays, or substituting one of these for a creative piece of your own.
Political and Social Protest Writing
Texts: The Handmaid’s Tale (prose); Songs of Innocence and Experience (poetry); A Doll’s House (drama), The Kite Runner (prose)
3 hours to produce three essays:
• Section A: response to an unseen text
• Section B: an essay on three of the four texts exemplifying the genre of Political and Social Protest Writing
• Section C: an essay on one of the four texts

English Literature Teaching Staff

This course is delivered by:
Mrs A Oldroyd
Mrs V Trendell