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Why Should I Study This Course?

Cambridge Technicals are vocational qualifications designed with the workplace in mind and provide a high-quality alternative to A Levels; they are designed in collaboration with experts spanning the breadth of the sector.

The Cambridge Technicals in IT focuses on the skills, knowledge and understanding that today’s universities and employers demand. It’s been developed to meet the changing needs of the sector, and to prepare young people for the challenges they’ll face in Higher Education or employment.

What Kind of Student is This Suitable For?

This course provides young people the opportunity to develop a range of skills, knowledge and understanding of relevant ICT technologies, network management and digital marketing. It has been specifically designed with employers in mind to open doors to a whole host of IT careers. Unit 4 and 16 will prepare students for relevant industry qualifications such as Cisco IoE, Microsoft and CompTIA Network+.

Course Breakdown

Unit 1 – Fundamentals of IT
Information learnt in this unit will provide a solid foundation in the fundamentals of hardware, networks, software, the ethical use of computers and how business uses IT.

Unit 2: Global information
The purpose of this unit is to demonstrate the uses of information in the public domain, globally, in the cloud and across the internet, by individuals and organisations. You will discover that good management of both data and information is essential, and that it can give any organisation a competitive edge.

Unit 4: Computer Networks – Coursework
Computer networks form a key part of the information economy. They are the foundation of the World Wide Web on which eBay, Amazon, Facebook and a multitude of other companies depend for their success. The demand for networking capability is enormous and increasing daily. The business world demands network administrators, engineers and technicians who can set up, manage and maintain its networks.

Unit 13: Social Media and Digital Marketing – Coursework
The use of social media has increased massively over recent years and is now a worldwide phenomenon. This unit looks at digital marketing as a concept and then offers you the opportunity to explore the possible impacts, both positive and negative, that may be generated by the use of social media as a digital marketing tool.

Unit 16: Developing a Smarter Planet – Coursework
This unit is optional within the Emerging Digital Technology Practitioner and IT Infrastructure Technician specialist pathways. The technology used within these two pathways can have a major impact on the sustainability of the Smarter Planet.

How is the Course Examined?

Unit 1 – External Examination.
Unit 2 – External Examination.

Unit 4, 13 & 16 are coursework driven, assessed in centre and externally moderated by the exam board.

ICT Teaching Staff

This course is delivered by:
Mr D Fern
Mr A Millar