Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre is situated in the central area of the first floor, and provides a welcoming ambience that is conducive to study, research, leisure reading and computer use. It is staffed by the LRC Manager, Philippa Rough.
The LRC is an integral part of Outwood Post 16 Centre Worksop, and provides an important resource for students and staff alike. It aims to support the curriculum fully by providing a relevant and up to date range of resources.

Opening times are Monday to Friday 8am-5.15pm. The LRC is available to students and staff at all times when possible, but can be occasionally booked for lessons.

Staff and students can borrow unlimited items (within reason and at the LRC Manager’s discretion) for a two week loan period. Items may be renewed for a further two weeks, subject to reservations placed on the items.

Overdue notices are generated and sent out via a messaging service. The LRC Manager does not operate a fines for overdue books policy, but any lost or damaged books will have to be replaced or paid for.

The Learning Resource Centre houses

  • Over 4000 book titles
  • Journals and periodicals
  • Careers library
  • University prospectuses
  • Daily newspapers
  • DVD collection
  • 4 study tables, each with seating for 4 people
  • CD players
  • Headphones
  • Cameras
  • Over 80 laptops
  • A scanner
  • Black/white and colour printing facilities
  • 19 desktop computers, 4 of which are housed in private study booths

Online resources

  • Access to the Internet
  • Issues online – articles on a variety of social issues
  • Oxford English Dictionary
  • P.E. Review Online
  • Emagazine, for students of English Language and Literature
  • Media Magazine online