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Why Should I Study This Course?

Building on the work students will have met at GCSE, Post 16 Mathematics involves new ideas that some of the greatest minds have produced. Students must enjoy using their mathematics skills and knowledge to solve problems, and be prepared to work as a class, in groups or on their own.
The new AS and A-level courses ensuring that students see the links between different areas of maths and to apply their maths skills across all areas.

What Kind of Student is This Suitable For?

Year 1 involves methods and topics that are used in the sciences, geography, psychology, business studies and law.
The A Level qualification is essential for a degree in the subject and suggested for related higher education courses, especially engineering, architecture, medicine, accountancy, economics, sciences and computer science.

Course Breakdown

The course has three areas of content:

Pure Mathematics Techniques in Proof, Algebra and Functions, Coordinate Geometry, Sequences and Series, Trigonometry, Exponentials and Logarithms and Differentiation, Integration and Numerical Methods (Advanced only).

Statistics Techniques in Sampling, Data Presentation and Interpretation, Probability, Statistical Distributions and Statistical Hypothesis Testing.

Mechanics Techniques in Vectors, Quantities and units in Mechanics, Kinematics, Forces and Newton’s Laws and Moments (Advanced only)

How is the Course Assessed?

Across all areas, Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics there are 3 assessment objectives:-

AO1 Use and apply standard techniques – 50% (60% at AS)

AO2 Reason, interpret and communicate mathematically – 25% (20% at AS)

AO3 Solve problems within Mathematics and in other contexts – 25% (20% at AS)

At AS level there is, therefore, a greater emphasis on using and applying basic techniques.

How is the Course Examined?

A Level Maths
Paper 1 – 2hrs. Pure Maths (100 marks)
Paper 2 – 2hrs. Pure Maths (50 marks) & Mechanics (50 marks)
Paper 3 – 2 hrs. Pure Maths (50 marks) & Statistics (50 marks)

Maths Teaching Staff

This course is delivered by:
Mrs J Bamber
Mr N Bull
Ms G Butters
Mr G Clarke
Ms A Fowles
Mr K Palmer
Ms A Parry
Mr J Wright