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Why Should I Study This Course?

Do you want to progress your passion for Music, do something in the musical world or even go on to university to study at degree level? This course will offer you the chance to study a variety of modules that are designed to develop you as a performer as well as your general musical skills, including harmony, composition and music theory.

The A level Music course is a very practical course and has direct links to pursuing music as a career.

What Kind of Student is This Suitable For?

Committed, serious musicians who are ready for a real challenge.

Course Breakdown

Appraising 40% (120 marks)
Section A – Listening (56 marks)

  • Testing knowledge of elements, aural skills etc.
  • All unfamiliar music

Section B – Analysis (34 marks)

  • Western Classical Tradition only
  • Testing analysis skills – short answers and extended analytical writing based on the set works
  • ‘The Operas of Mozart’ and ‘The Baroque Classical Concerto’

Section C – Essay (30 marks)

  • 1 essay question from a list of 6 options
  • Based on other areas of study (excluding classical) – pop, theatre, film music etc.

Performing 35% (50 marks)
Performances must be recorded between 1st March and 15th (ish) May in the *second year * of the course

Composing 25% (50 marks)
Composition 1 (25 marks)
Composition to a brief (picture, poem, 3 motifs etc.)
Composition 2 (25 marks)
Free composition

Where Can it Take Me?

A Level Music is a mandatory requirement for students wishing to continue their music studies either at university or at a conservatoire.

The use of IT for the composing elements of this course, will help any student wishing to study:-

• engineering
• music technology
• recording

Music Teaching Staff

This course is delivered by:
Mrs S Nelson-Fish
Ms S Pilsworth