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Why Should I Study This Course?

Physics is EVERYTHING.
From the very smallest part of an atom, to the edges of the Universe, Physics is at the heart.
Physicists explore the fundamental nature of almost everything we know of. They probe the furthest reaches of the earth to study the smallest pieces of matter. Join us to enter a world deep beneath the surface of normal human experience.
Physicists attempt to gain a fundamental understanding of why the universe and its contents behave the way they do.
By studying Physics you will develop and build on your current knowledge of what everything is made of and how objects move and interact. We will also study some of the phenomena which are not yet fully understood and are at the cutting edge of scientific research today.

What Kind of Student is This Suitable For?

You must enjoy Physics and like understanding how the world works and be able to solve problems. You must also be comfortable with maths and equations. Tenacity and the capacity for hard work are essential.

Course Breakdown

AS Level (Year 1)
AS Physics includes work in 4 areas. Practical skills are included and assessed throughout the course.

Topics covered in the AS course include:
• Particles and radiation
• Waves
• Mechanics and materials
• Electricity

Both AS level papers are 1½ hours in length.

A Level (Year 2)
A level Physics extends concepts met in the first year.
Practical skills are again included and assessed throughout the course.

Topics covered in the second year include:

• Further mechanics and thermal physics
• Fields and their consequences
• Nuclear physics
• Extension Topic – turning points in physics

To achieve the full A level qualification, examinations will take place at the end of the second year and will include content from both years.

At least 15% of the overall assessment of A level Physics will assess knowledge, skills and understanding in relation to practical work.

How is the Course Assessed?

All modules are assessed by written examination in the summer at the end of the second year for students to achieve the full A Level.

Where Can it Take Me?

A Level Physics students are equipped with skills and knowledge that can transfer to a range of varied careers. You could choose to seek employment in engineering, medicine, forensics, sports science, geophysics, aeronautics, nanotechnology, research or teaching.

If you intend to continue studying at university level, the A Level Physics can lead to a host of degree courses such as photonics, engineering, information technology and medicine.

Physics Teaching Staff

This course is delivered by:
Mr A Fake
Mrs I Nickerson
Ms H Ford
Mr J Hogan