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Why Should I Study This Course?

The course is designed to help you understand the world we live in. We will explore key questions such as who holds power and what do they do with that power?

Studying Politics will help students to develop knowledge and understanding of the role politics plays in relation to current local, national, and global issues, as well as studying key thinkers and political ideas.

An A level in Politics is valued by universities and employers alike. It shows that you can research and argue from various ideological positions. This qualification also allows you to develop your essay writing skills which is transferable to a wide range of academic pursuits.

GCE Politics is an excellent platform for progression to higher education in Politics, International Relations and Journalism.

At A level, extra tuition is given on further and higher education entry, advice is also given on relevant work experience opportunities.

Course Breakdown

Year 1
Explores key issues in UK Politics and key political ideologies.

Year 2
Explores Key issues in US Politics and key political ideologies.

A level externally assessed examinations in May/June.

How is the Course Assessed?

Year 2
A Level is assessed through 3 × 120 minute exams

Paper 1 – UK Politics and key ideologies
Paper 2 – UK Government and key ideologies
Paper 3 – Comparative Politics, USA.

How is the Course Examined?

Year 1 and Year 2
All units are examined at the end of each academic year but progress in these skills and knowledge are assessed at regular intervals throughout the year in preparation for the final exams.

Students will receive formative feedback throughout the course allowing them to reflect upon and refine work.

What Kind of Student is This Suitable For?

You must be enthusiastic, well organised and you must be prepared to really explore an idea or concept and be able to work with determination and perseverance. You will have timetabled lessons and will also be encouraged to come and use the space in your study and free periods, an equal amount of time is expected to be spend on your studies out of lessons as in lessons.

Politics Teaching Staff

This course is delivered by:
Mr J Wright