Exam Board AQA

Why Should I Study This Course?

Ever closer business links between Britain and the rest of the world are creating more opportunities for those with language skills. At university, languages can be combined with a large range of studies such as:

  • accountancy
  • engineering
  • media
  • business studies
  • law
  • tourism
  • computing
  • marketing

Speaking a foreign language can offer the chance to live or study abroad whether it be for a short time or permanently.

What Kind of Student is This Suitable For?

You will need to be hard-working, well-organised, enthusiastic and willing to communicate in Spanish. You will also need to express ideas and opinions effectively.

Course Breakdown

Social Issues and trends
Aspects of Hispanic society
Modern and traditional values
Equal rights

Multiculturalism in Hispanic society

Political and artistic culture
Artistic culture in the Hispanic world
Modern day idols
Spanish regional identity
Cultural heritage or cultural landscape

Aspects of political life in the Hispanic world
Today’s youth, tomorrow’s citizens
Monarchies, republics and dictatorships
Popular movements

How is the Course Assessed?

You will be assessed in all 4 skills Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing.

How is the Course Examined?

Paper 1 – Listening, Reading & Writing 2 hrs 30 mins
Paper 2 – Writing 2 hours
Paper 3 – Speaking Assessment

Spanish Teaching Staff

This course is delivered by:
Mr C Luna
Mrs A Summers
Ms M Bautista
Ms H Hunt