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Why Should I Study This Course?

The course is designed to take a broad view of textile design and technology. It gives students the opportunity to experience a wide variety of practical skills including pattern drafting, construction methods and decorative techniques. Students will learn about design methodology and the role of the designer, as well as gaining an understanding of industrial and commercial practices. There is an opportunity to study fabrics in detail looking at working properties, physical properties, cost and availability, all of which influence the designer’s choice.

All students will be encouraged to be creative, original and dynamic!

What Kind of Student is This Suitable For?

Students who study this course will need to have a keen interest in fashion and textile design and a desire to develop design and manufacturing skills.

Students will also need to have good written communication skills and be able to learn and retain substantial amounts of detail and recall it accurately in the exam.

Course Breakdown

Unit 1: Materials, Components and Application
Students will gain an understanding of the various types of fibres, their commercial names and how these are used in manufacturing and how they influence the quality of fabric produced.

Unit 2: Learning through Designing and Making
This is a design-and-make unit where knowledge of the AS subject content is applied to the design and making of the students’ own projects.

Unit 3: Design and Manufacture
The A2 content enables students to further develop their knowledge and understanding of materials and components, design and market influences and processes and manufacture. The assessment will focus particularly on knowledge of materials and components in relation to the context of application, market demands and through processes and manufacture. A2 coursework will allow students the opportunity to further illustrate their understanding of the specification at a level higher than that produced for AS.

Unit 4: Design and Making Practice
This is a design-and-make unit where knowledge of the AS and A2 subject content is applied to the design and manufacture of candidates’ own projects.

How is the Course Assessed?

Year 12 (AS) examinations

Unit 1 Materials, components and application – 50% of AS level, 25% of A level – 2 hour written paper.

Unit 2. Learning through designing and making – 50% of AS, 25% of A level – Coursework approx. 50 hours

Design portfolio and manufactured outcome(s)

Year 13 (A2) examinations

Unit 3 design and manufacture – 25% of A level – 2 hour written paper

Unit 4 Design and making practice – 25% of A level – Coursework approximately 60 hours

Design portfolio and manufactured outcome(s)

Textiles Teaching Staff

This course is delivered by:
Mrs B Ryan