Attendance and Absence

Outwood Post 16 Centre is committed to maximising educational opportunities and achievement for all students. For students to gain the best from their time at Outwood Post 16 Centre, it is vital that they achieve excellent attendance and punctuality. We strive for 100% attendance for all students. Outwood Post 16 Centre recognises that promoting good attendance and punctuality prepares students for the disciplines of working life.

Post 16 Absence Procedure

  • Parent, carer or student to telephone the main office, telephone number 01909 504090 on the morning of absence, before 8.20am. There is an answer machine service available.
  • If a reason for absence is not confirmed by 8.20am, the Learning Manager will contact the parent or carer.
  • Students will need to collect missed work from subject staff on the day they return to the Centre.

Student taken ill whilst at the Centre

  • Student goes to see their Learning Manager who will contact home if they judge the student to be too ill to remain at the Centre, or go home unaccompanied.
  • If the Learning Manager is not available, student reports to the Head of Centre or a member of the office staff who will contact home.
  • No student should leave the Centre without first informing a member of staff.

Authorised Absence

  • Any medical appointments – evidence where possible is required (try not to book medical appointments during lesson time).
  • Illness – up to 3 absences authorised before medical evidence is needed.
  • Driving tests – an appointment card/letter is required.
  • University open days.
  • Interviews at universities and/or for employment – evidence required.
  • Religious festivals – at the discretion of the Head of Centre (maximum of 4 days).
  • Moving house – evidence required (maximum of 1 day).
  • Taken ill whilst at the Centre – go to see your Learning Manager.
  • Family bereavement.

Unauthorised Absence

  • Holidays in term time.
  • Christmas shopping.
  • Driving lessons.
  • Absence caused by fatigue due to holidays.
  • Absence as a result of food / alcohol indulgence.
  • Missing the bus or getting up late.