Student Leadership Programmes

Today’s sixth form students are tomorrow's leaders.  With this in mind we provide a variety of ways for our Post 16 students to show their leadership potential.

There are many opportunities to be classroom assistants at secondary schools, supporting teachers in lessons and mentoring younger students. This enables students to practice their skills, share their knowledge and experience the classroom in order to decide if teaching is for them as a potential career.

Outwood Post 16 Centre has forged links with local primary schools to give our students the opportunity to work with younger children on reading programmes, maths challenges and sporting activities etc.   

The Student Voice organises a range of activities from charity fundraising events, acting as ambassadors for the Post 16 Centre, and helping out at volunteering events.They also focus on ways to improve facilities within the Centre, addressing new challenges and needs for increasing numbers of students.  

Students who embark upon their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award act as mentors to students completing the Silver Award.

Students of Sports Studies support the local secondary schools at sporting events to gain experience and enhance their studies.